Monnotter is a life log application by monologue. It doesn't share online. You can write immediately after startup. Record the location (GPS) where entering the text. Places can be named and reused in texts at the same place. Text can have the "START" "END", and "TODO" "DONE" status by inserting the prefix /start /end /todo /done at the beginning of the text. “Start” and “End” are treated as events in the set and the event can be output to the calendar. “TODO” status displays a check box. You can tap the check box to change it to the “DONE” status. You can set a rate value for monologues as importance. The list can be sorted by date as well as by rate.

ThreadNote is a simple application for managing text notes. With ThreadNote, you can create multiple notes with a title and some text. A unique feature of ThreadNote is that it does not display just a list of titles. Instead, the list displays the title and the full text of each note (up to a maximum number of lines). Another unique feature is its ability to create child notes. Notes can be linked via a parent-child relationship, allowing you to have a large number of hierarchical branches. You can also add tags to your notes to obtain a cross view of the notes hierarchy.

On each card there are three columns into which text may be edited, and these have been arranged so that you can edit them while looking at them lined up next to each other. The cards can be formed into groups (stacks). This is a very simple app that just does card-based data handling. Any column can be invisible by one tapping.* Discontinuing distribution

This app is based on a time card. It is ideal for recording how much time you spent on multiple projects in progress simultaneously. It simulates the sense of use of a time card. It can display a graph of the aggregate data and export it to a CSV file. It can also write events to an iCloud calendar in real time. However, it 'cannot' calculate things like hourly wages.* Discontinuing distribution

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