minio を同じサーバーの別dockerコンポーネントで立ち上げ、それをnginxプロキシーで外向きの https:// で設置して、fogでそのhttps:// URL をendpoint あるいはasset_hostとして指定すると、IPアドレスになって、サービスを検知できない問題

2020-08-01 -- PROGRAMING

自分メモです。 正確には、minio を同じサーバーのdockerコンポーネントで立ち上げdocker network経由でも使えるようにした上で、それを同時にnginxプロキシーで外向きの https:// に設定しているので、CarrierWaveのfogでは、その https:// URL をendpointあるいはasset_hostとして指定した場合、Railsで画像アップロードし...

Annoying changes

2019-10-13 -- DIALY
Since the consumption tax became 10%, I no longer used one yen coins at favorite hundred-yen stores, and other shops introduced cashless system, so three of one yen coin have been staying on in my wa...

Messy table in coffee shop

2019-10-11 -- DIALY
When I work in a coffee shop, I put my laptop, a smartphone, and many tools and gadgets besides a cup of coffee on my table. If I would go to a restroom, it is hard to put all of them back in my bag ...

Pay with a smartwatch

2019-10-01 -- DIALY
I always use a cashless payment with my watch which has electronic payment function at the nearby supermarket, and it may be curious for the clerk so she remember me and call the name of it first. I ...


2019-09-30 -- ART




Managing points

2019-09-17 -- DIALY
Recently I use some discount or free coupons almost every time I order in coffee shops. However, I think it might be heavy that I have to spend my own tension and time costs for managing them, for ex...


2019-09-16 -- UFO



Smartphone letter too small

2019-09-10 -- DIALY
A foreign woman got on the bus, then showing something on her smartphone and asked the driver whether to go the place. However, the old driver complained in Japanese the smartphone letters were too s...

Samurai Museum

2019-09-09 -- DIALY
In the neighborhood, A foreign man asked me where the “Samurai Museum” was. I didn't know such one, and I couldn't find it on my smartphone. So I said there was no such spot near there. However, I re...

QR code payment

2019-09-08 -- DIALY
I used QR code payment many times, but I couldn't read the QR code at that time. I asked the shopkeeper why, but she said everyone except you use it properly so didn't know why. So I couldn't help pa...


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