Monthly Archives: August 2012

Released version 1.3.0

New in 1.3:
– Add a new palette to switch menu
– Lock Autorotation
– Add Bookmark function and support URL Scheme related it
– Be able to add a new note (child note) by URL Scheme
– Setting the number of lines of preview on shrink note
– Support Evernote new login (OAuth)

Fixed in 1.3.0:
– The issue if the first letter of tag is mark
– Show exist tags in tag palette
– The issue of cursor position after adding note on note editor
– Eliminate the restriction of backup file name
– Minor bugs

URL Scheme

Open ThreadNote


Target the note

To the note on Threads mode

e.g. com.smallmake.threadnote:///?p=123

To the note on Tags mode
*need to call the exist tag. unable to create tag.

com.smallmake.threadnote:///?p=<note-id>&tag=<URL encoded string>
e.g. com.smallmake.threadnote:///?p=123&tag=Essays%202012

How to get URL Scheme

URLSchemeFig03Open the note. Tap the right top button, then appears the Note Property Screen on the left panel.

Tap “Copy URL Scheme” to copy URL Scheme of this note to clipboard, then paste it to some application software.

How to get URL Scheme (Before Version 1.5)

Copy URL SchemeOpen the note. On the editor, tab the “Action Button” on Toolbar. Tap “Bookmark” button.

Tap “Copy URL Scheme” to copy URL Scheme of this note to clipboard, then paste it to some application software.


Edit BookmarkTap “Add to Bookmark List”, then edit the bookmark and look at the URL Scheme.

How to add notes?

To add a note on the root of thread.

com.smallmake.threadnote:///add?title=<URL encoded string>&comment=<URL encoded string>

To add a child note to a note, set note-id parameter.

com.smallmake.threadnote:///add?p=<note-id>&title=<URL encoded string>&comment=<URL encoded string>


DraftPad’s Assist:
Line 1 to title, under the line 2 to comment. To add a child of note-id=123.

e.g. com.smallmake.threadnote:///add?p=123&title=<@L1>&comment=<@L2~>

Tag Operation (prior to ver 1.5)

Tag Screen

Tag ScreenTap the button on toolbar to open tag screen.
On the tag screen, Listed exist tags. You can set tags to tap list.

Add a Tag

Add a TagType tag word and tap “return” key of keyboard to make the tag (changing a framed tag image).

Select Tags

Select TagsSingle-tap on a tag to select it(changing blue color background). In the status, tap delete key of keyboard to delete the tag.
Double-tap to jump tag list of the tag.