Monthly Archives: December 2011

Bug Report about ver. 1.1.1

There is a problem that ThreadNote would crash after tapping “cancel” button on Note Move dialog. I will submit a fixed version when iTunes office opens after their christmas holiday. Thank you.

Released Bug fixed Version 1.1.1

Version 1.1.1
– Fixed Resume issue from background.
– Fixed Crash issue of Memory shortage during editing.

Bug Report

- There is a saving problem of resuming from background during editing.
– Crash problem of Memory shotage during editing.
I submitted fixed version 1.1.1 to Apple. Please wait for days. Thank you.

Released Update Version 1.1.0

Releasing version 1.1.0
– Export from one or its all brother note, all child notes to Mail, a new note, iPhone.
Where is changed? Menu “send mail” is changed to Menu “Mail / Export”