Monthly Archives: October 2011

Welcome to ThreadNote

Thank you for being interested in ThreadNote.

ThreadNote is an app to edit and manage plain text notes for iPhone.
The first feature is that it shows whole content of each note on the table list. It’s mean there is no title list. (There is a limitation on the number of text’s lines, which you can customize.)
On the table list, you can shrink note to show the title and a line of the preview, or expand it to show a whole content by tapping an icon or pinch gesture operation.
The second feature is that you can make child notes under each note. It has no limitation on the number of layers. The app expresses the layer as horizontal construction, so you can go to child or parent with swiping right or left or tapping left or right arrow button. This relation looks like a thread connection, so I call this app ThreadNote.
Additionally, you can put tags which you title to each note and you can access the tag oriented notes groups across threads.
There are other small features. You can organize the order of notes in “Threads.” Each note can move under another note as a child. Avarable to use with portrait and landscape. Creating backup files and restore.