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No title list. The lists displays the full text.

It does not display just a list of titles. Instead, the list displays the title and the full text of each note (up to a maximum number of lines).

Create child notes

Its ability to create child notes. Notes can be linked via a parent-child relationship, allowing you to have a large number of hierarchical branches.

Add tags, cross view of the hierarchy

You can add tags to your notes to obtain a cross view of the notes hierarchy.


You can bookmark to jump to a deep level note you are working on.

Export / Mail

Send e-mail / Create new note / Store in iPhone / Send to Evernote.
Export one note / All the note’s siblings (at the same level) / All the note’s descendants (lower levels), Auto numbering.

Swipe left to parent, right to child

The parent-child relationship is represented visually by expanding it sideways, so that the notes can be swiped left and right to navigate from child to parent

Pinch-in to shrink, Pinch-out to expand

Pinching the screen in hides the comment except the first a few line(changeable number of line 0-10), and pinching it out returns the display to its original state.

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