Just 3 column database

3 columnsThis app is a data management app that has only 3 columns.

Edit 3 columns at the same time

edit columnsYou see the three columns when you are editing and also can hide any of the columns.

Card List & Card Browser

card browserBrowse cards on list or thumbnail. Jump to the card to tap it. Organize the order to drag.

Change Font and columns order

settingsYou can change the font type and size on each column, change order of columns.

CSV file import/export

csv import/exportCSV files can be exported and imported.

Jump the card with URL Scheme

URL SchemeJump to the card to tap it’s URL scheme. You can get card’s URL to tap “Copy URL scheme” button.

Universal App

universal app3Columns can execute on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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